Persian Persian Gabbeh, 4X6

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Size: 4'0" x 5'7"
Content: 100% Wool
Dye: Natural vegetable dyes
Weave: Medium-thick pile
Origin: Iran
Gabbeh (meaning raw, natural, uncut in the Persian language Farsi) originates from the Lur tribe of western Iran, and was originally used to describe the long-piled carpets use din the nomad’s tent. Created solely for utility, these carpets were for years considered far too crude for trade on the western market and their artistic beauty long went overlooked. Within the past few decades however, the Gabbeh has emerged on the international scene and is now a very popular weave in both the European and North American markets. No longer crude and utilitarian, Gabbehs are woven for trade and can be found in the fines qualities and high knot counts. The traditionally thick wool pile lends itself to the bold and abstract patterns chosen by tribal weavers. The directness of expression and the unclouded vision within ght design adds to its visual allure. They have traditionally been woven by several nomadic tribes in southwestern Iran (Qashqa’i, Lur, Bakhtiari, Baharlu, inalu, Yalameh, maleh, and others), but now they are sometimes also woven in city and village workshops where quality and production are better controlled.