Balouch Special 7.00x9.03

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Style: Balouch Special
Size: 7' x 9'3"
Content: 100% Handspun Wool
Weave: Flatweave and pile mix
Origin: Iran
The Balouch people of Northwestern Iran weave some of the most unique and beautiful rugs in the world. Featuring a combination of pile and Soumak flatweave styles, it has a trademark three dimensional texture.The designs often feature repeating square patterns with floral or figure elements inside, which are a representation of persian gardens. Other designs are also typically geometric and dyed in bold primary colors using natural vegetable dyes, or alternately use the natural colors of the wool to achieve a unique, natural look. They are as durable as they are beautiful, with the highest quality wool available. Each one of kind piece is truly a keepsake and work of art.