Super Kazak 4.10x6.03

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Style: Kazak
Size: 4'10"x6'3"
Content: 100% Handspun Wool
Weave: Medium Low Pile
There is some confusion about the origin of the name Kazak and the origin of the rugs themselves. Some have asserted the name is a corruption of “Cossack” (traditional people of the southern steppe regions of eastern Europe and Asian Russia), through more probably it derives from the city of Qazakh (also Kazakh) in northwestern Azerbaijan, although there is no record of a people by that name. The rugs may have been made by the Tcherkess who once lived along the eastern coast of the Black Sea but moved to the southern Caucasus after their conquest by the Russians. Whatever the case, the rugs have been and are still made in small quantities in this region of the southern Caucasus between the cities of Tbilisi, Georgia, and Yerevan, Armenia as well as the north westernmost arm of Azerbaijan. Though there is not a significant exporting Kazak production coming from the region today, several other countries have been producing the designs, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rugs are appealing due to their vibrant primary colors, bold geometric designs, and their tested durability. They are generally large-scaled designs, dominated by one or several geometric medallions, and often contain smaller motifs including stars, lozenges, latch hooks, and small geometric figures of animals, birds, and humans. Common colors are red and blue with some ivory and green. Knotting is medium to coarse depending on the origin of the rug, and while in the past it was left long, the pile in modern Kazaks is generally relatively short.