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Choosing the right rug for a space can be a daunting task. With myriad colors, patterns, and textures, it can almost be overwhelming at times! We at Artisan Rug Gallery love the process of helping people find a piece they will love, so we’d like to share some tips.



Much of the time, we start with a space full of furniture and art and other items and try to find a rug to match. But have you ever thought to yourself, “What would happen if I started with my rug as my inspiration piece?” Well, you’ll find that it opens up a lot of possibilities. Instead of trying to match the feel of upholstery and accent pieces that might be gone in 5 years, you can start from the ground up and design around a rug that will last decades! Which leads us to…



Perhaps your floors are done in hard surfaces, like tile or various woods like a white ash, maple or cherry. The issue of a rug blending into the floor could easily create a design faux pas. To combat this obstacle, start with a rug that contrasts with the floor finish. This will not only allow the rug to “pop,” but the floors will look their best and make a supporting statement, as well. This works in situations with high contrast or subtle contrast.


When designing a space, choosing a rug with strong colors can bring interest and life. If opting for a neutral palette, a rug in soft tones with hints of color will brighten a space without overwhelming. A predominantly white room is warmed and grounded by bringing in color on the floor.



Rugs are naturally a great way to bring texture to a room. Traditionally rugs are woven in wool cut to a consistent depth, though the thickness of the threads used and the length of the pile can create different textures. Today weavers are no longer bound by tradition and are developing rugs with new fibers and varying pile depth to create textural pieces. Jute, hemp, bamboo silk and wool are all woven in various techniques which when combined in one carpet, provide a unique, modern look and feel. For a classic woolen texture look no further than the Moroccan Berber Carpet. It's long shaggy pile brings instant coziness to any space.



While traditional designs are alive and well, the current rug trends are decidedly modern and transitional. Transitional rugs take a traditional motif or pattern and modernize it with use of current colors and simpler placement of designs. Modern abstract rugs have made quite a splash in both bold colors and muted earth tones. Modern rugs are not just for modern homes...they find their way into Mountain homes as well as the rustic farmhouse. Try a style you wouldn’t’ have thought fits the space at first and you might be pleasantly surprised.



Your rug is invaluable in its use when grounding a room. It allows all the other elements to flow and keep a charming, cohesive feel. A rug provides a strong foundation for color and ambience, blending the room together cleanly for the perfect finishing touch.



We’ve helped thousands of clients find the right rug over the years. Come and visit us; bring pictures, swatches, paint chips, or just bring yourself and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for you. We’ll even bring some rugs to see in your space before you buy if you want to see instead of just visualize! We’re passionate about rugs and can’t wait to share our passion with you.